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MiFID II - Execution and Selection policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide our clients with information on the arrangements implemented by Securities Services to manage the transmission and the execution of client orders as required by the revised European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU and its implementing measures as transposed into national laws and regulations (“MiFID II”), to the extent applicable.

This section contains the global Execution and Selection policy together with specific exhibits providing further details on each product and on our selection policy.

- Global Execution and Selection policy - Download the document

- Agency Securities Lending execution policy Download the document

- Principal Securities Lending and borrowing execution policy Download the document

- Foreign Exchange execution policy Download the document

- Best Selection policies (translated versions)

- GB - Best Selection policy (for Pure Registered Shareholders and Custody activity) Download the document

- FR - Politique de Meilleure Sélection (pour Actionnaires au Nominatif Pur et Activité de Conservation) - Télécharger le document

- ES - Politica de mejor seleccion Descargar los documentos

- IT - Politica di best selection Scarica il documento

- Best Execution

- FOREX on demand

- Top 5 Venues Report (Download the document)

- 2018 RTS 28 FOREX Report (Download the document)

- 2018 RTS 27 Report on quality of execution - Click here

- Principal Lending Activity

- Top 5 Venues Report (Download the document)

- 2018 RTS 28 Principal Lending report (Download the document)

- Agency Lending

- Top 5 Venues Report (Download the document)

- Agency Lending - RTS 28 for Agency Lending (Download the document)

MiFID II - Safeguarding of Assets

- Safeguarding of assets: list of affiliated and non-affiliated subcustodians Download the document


Legal entity identifier (LEI)

Document size: 136 KB

MiFID II - Disclosure Pack

Document size: 5 MB


MiFID II - Disclosure Pack

Document size: 5 MB

Legal entity identifier (LEI)

Document size: 136 KB


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