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Solutions (20/21)
Custody Forex Services and Passive Currency Overlay
Custody Forex Services and Passive Currency Overlay
Custody Forex Services and Passive Currency Overlay

Custody Forex Services and Passive Currency Overlay

BNP Paribas Securities Services, among the world’s leading global custodian banks, offers more than just efficient execution. We are a one-stop point of access to a large range of Custody FX solutions. We allow you to focus on your core businesses and strategy, and to outsource a large part of your risk and constraints linked to your foreign exchange and cash management, both in G10 foreign currencies and in exotic markets.

Your business faces a range of constraints, including: Liquidity access, evolving regulations, multi-currency investments. These are driving many firms to strengthen their operational organisation and control structure to achieve optimum performance.

Our FX Solutions

By working with us, you benefit from:

  •  One of the 5 largest global custodian banks, part of a prominent global institution recognised for its FX expertise
  •  An international provider you can fully trust with follow-the-sun capabilities
  •  A partner willing to support you with tailor-made solutions
  •  A provider proposing a wide range of smart solutions whether you want to actively manage FX deals, fully outsource them or automate some flows while managing others
  •  A very close business relationship

Get access to global and local coverage in more than 90 countries, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, through our tailor-made FX solutions to execute your currency trading.


Automated outsourcing of FX Custody and cash management solutions

Our robust and fully automated in-house FX platform facilitates FX execution linked to all your securities trading and lifecycle events (settlement transactions, corporate actions, income events, subscriptions and redemptions, cash flows and listed derivatives).

1Receive versus payment 2Delivery versus payment *where BNP Paribas Securities Services is the clearer

You can determine how you want us to execute your transactions through numerous parameters (frequency, netting per account, value date and currency pair).

You can directly interact with our in-house and tailor-made trading solution by using multiple SWIFT messages.

Our offer is fully transparent: you benefit from wholesale market rates or fixing rates plus pre-agreed fixed spreads regardless of the size of the trade. All FX deals are time stamped and you have access to digital reporting tools to monitor your fully automated FX transactions.

You can learn more about this solution in the video below.

Access BNP Paribas’ Direct Forex Trading and FX Execution Services

BNP Paribas benefits from a long presence in foreign exchange trading throughout the world and can execute your FX spots, forwards, swaps, FX options and non-deliverable forwards (NDF). By partnering with BNP Paribas Securities Services you also get access to BNP Paribas Global Markets’ Forex services including their Forex trading desks and front-to-back automated Electronic Trading platforms.

This also gives you access to comprehensive Electronic FX Trading Capabilities including market leading intelligent algorithmic FX Execution strategies and transaction cost analysis (TCA). BNP Paribas Global Markets’ team of economists and strategists in the foreign exchange market can also deliver useful insights to fit your demand for market research.

Passive Currency Overlay

We can implement and monitor your foreign exchange strategies for asset and share-class FX exposure management. Hedging strategies are set at the level of each unit, for different share classes of a same subfund or compartment, or for a given currency or group of funds.

We take charge of all the steps of the hedging process: from identifying currency risk, calculating forex exposures and hedging adjustments, to executing transactions within specified guidelines and providing reporting to monitor investment decisions.

From portfolio hedging to share class hedging we are here to help you achieve your optimal FX hedging model. In the video below you can learn more about what passive currency overlay is and how our solution can help you.

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